A.R. NIRMAN PVT. LTD. in its history of 35 years of real estate development has done more than 75 Joint Venture developments across India. A.R. NIRMAN PVT. LTD. has developed residential, commercial, IT Parks and retail on Joint Venture basis.

Majority of the projects that A.R. NIRMAN PVT. LTD. is doing in Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Raipur and Chennai are on joint venture and joint development basis. A.R. NIRMAN PVT. LTD. has established its brand on a PAN India basis.

A.R. NIRMAN PVT. LTD. not only has done joint venture projects with private land owners but also with Government Bodies such as Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority, West Bengal Housing Board and West Bengal Small Industries Development Corporation.

A.R. NIRMAN PVT. LTD. is also a part of the famed South City Group which has developed the biggest gated community in eastern India as well as the biggest mall in eastern India.

Apart from A.R. NIRMAN PVT. LTD., the consortium boasts of Industrial Houses such as Emami Group.

A.R. NIRMAN PVT. LTD. has been felicitated with awards for enjoying 99% brand recall among home-buyers in the city of Kolkata.

70% of our new customers are referrals from old customers and 50% of our units are sold to NRIs. A.R. NIRMAN PVT. LTD. enjoys a great brand image among home and office buyers both nationally and internationally.

A.R. NIRMAN PVT. LTD. enjoys a 20% premium over and above the market rate in all its projects across all locations. This is due to A.R. NIRMAN PVT. LTD. s commitment of being completely transparent and committed towards its customers, landlords and partners.

Moreover, A.R. NIRMAN PVT. LTD. s strict adherence to extremely high standards of customer service and high quality construction has given it an edge over its competitors.

A.R. NIRMAN PVT. LTD. has a penchant for creating landmarks across the city. Every building that we develop has a unique aspect to it. The uniqueness and innovation in this product lead to the generation of three times the revenue compared to that of a run of the mill office or residential development.

If you envision your property to be a future landmark like or bigger than Homeland Mall, join hands and get your property developed by A.R. NIRMAN PVT. LTD..