1. Plots in suitable size available for our customer first cum first basis.
2. Water , Electricity, sewerage,facilities shall be provided in consulation with Govt Authorities . The cost for the same will be borne by plot holder.
3. We provide soil filling road and brick piece road demarkation.
4. Design & Construction of bunglaw , flat , commercial building may be build by company own experienced team of architects & engineers as per design by the plot holder.
5. The individual plot price are here under :
A. Corner plots 5,50,000/- per katha
B. Non Corner 5,00,000/- per katha
6. Plot can be put on hold once we receive Rs 21,000/- for temporary basis . This will be valid for 15 working days only for searching and other activities.
7. Once searching is done then customer need to pay 30 % down payment for confirm booking of the same plot.
8. Balance 70% need to be paid within one month at the time of registry of the plot.
9. Cheque to be issued in favour of A.R.Nirman Pvt Ltd.
10. In case of NEFTS/RTGS transfer, please use below information.
Bank Name - HDFC Bank
Branch Name - Kasba Branch, Kolkata.
Account no - 50200004530191