Selling a property attracts capital gain tax and the owner has to pay high stamp duty if one buys an alternate property from its sale proceeds.

Selling inherited ancestral property in India is still not socially acceptable because of the sentimental value attached to it.

The owner pays lower municipal taxes on the retained portion in the proposed building than he does upon purchasing another flat at a different location after sale of inherited property.

On the contrary, if you enter into a Joint Venture arrangement, the benefits will be more. The most important aspect in a joint venture arrangement is that you will get constructed area which will fetch a much higher sale value than the sale consideration of your land. In order to demonstrate this, consider the example below:

In future, if you buy flats in other buildings, the same may not be to your taste but if you develop your property with A.R. NIRMAN PVT. LTD., we will plan the apartments according to your requirement and provide the specifications as may be suitable to you.

The biggest advantage of doing a Joint Venture over a Sale is that the owner enjoys high capital appreciation in their returns over a period of 3 years. Even the interest burden of delayed returns is greatly offset by the appreciation in the Sale Value of the flats in the Owners allocation.

If an owner requires money for immediate use, Merlin will also pay an Adjustable Security Deposit as upfront money to the Owner at the signing of MOU.